How can a natural forest maintain it’s own fertility without constantly needing input from humans?

natural forestHow can it do this while creating balance and resilience in the ecosystem, and providing food and habitat for the creatures that inhabit it?

And is it possible that humans can design and plant productive “forest” gardens that can function in a similar way, providing us with food and medicine while helping regenerate the natural ecosystem?

The answer is yes!

And you are invited to learn how in this inspiring evening talk:

Date & Time: Friday April 1st, 7pm – 9pm,

Location: Sechelt Nation Band Hall, 5432 Xenichen Ave, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A3

Cost: $5 – $35 donation

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This food forest/ botanical sanctuary and herb farm outside of Calgary, AB contains many rare and medicinal plants.

Much like natural forests, food forests aka edible forest gardens build healthy soil, sequester carbon, harvest rainwater, and provide habitats for beneficial birds, insects, and other wildlife, all while providing humans with local organic food.

This presentation is designed to introduce you to to the concept and history of edible forest gardening in temperate climates, and get you inspired about what is possible when using this world-changing and land-healing gardening approach!


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A Food Forest is a sustainable gardening system based on woodland ecosystems, comprised of seven main layers of vegetation from canopy trees down to ground covers.

Whether you are a newly inspired gardener, a steward of land, or a seasoned pro who is looking to optimize their efforts and get the most out of what you put in… this presentation will introduce you to how edible forest gardening can be used to create productive, beautiful, regenerative, and low maintenance landscapes.

This presentation will also feature an introduction from local permaculture groups and welcoming to the land from the Chief and other members of the Sechelt First Nation.


Who Is reGenerate Design?

reGenerate Design is Adrian Buckley, Lindsay Meads, and Luke Kimmel; three passionate designers from Calgary, AB who share a vision for the betterment of human and ecological communities. Our team has a combined 25 years of professional design, project management and teaching experience, with 15 years focused in permaculture and food forestry.

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We are excited to share our experience, knowledge, and passion for food forestry with you in this upcoming talk!

Our Hosts:

We are excited to be working with a handful of local organizations on the beautiful Sunshine Coast to help host this workshop, the list of contributing organizations for this workshop are:

The Sechelt Nation/ ?alish Community Garden. This garden aims to cultivate traditional aboriginal gardening skills, address increasing food prices, and provide nutritious foods to a growing community. It is run on a volunteer basis and provides workshops to the community, fresh produce for our meals on wheels program, and deliver seasonal organic vegetables to our elders and community members. The Sechelt Nation is excited to host this as the future food forest site and see it as a great enhancement showcasing traditional food and medicine of the Coastal First Peoples, planted with ethical land practices.

Gaiacraft is a vessel for ecological outreach education and acts as a planetary collection of Permaculture teachers and plant people facilitating cultural transformation. They offer a variety workshops, courses, services and free learning tools and educational resources.
Gaia’s Guild is a network of permaculture adventurists that co-create with community and document the journey. Mixing art and media in the documentation results in a blend of traditional artistic flair with digital media. Inspired by natural creative processes, the Guild brings a reverence for the land and it’s people and aims to empower, educate, and entertain.
One Straw Society has been in operation for over 20 years and was founded by the late Robin Wheeler. Their mission is to connect and empower Sunshine Coast Residents to cultivate resilient food systems and community.

Testimonials from our previous workshops…

“Wonderful, practical and inspiring workshop with a really great combination of instructors and experience, giving so much strength and power to working with nature and it’s wisdom”

  • Elyse Hanec, past student

“Thank you Adrian, Lindsay, and Luke. (This course) opened my eyes up to so much more than I was expecting and the realization that this is just the beginning”

  • Lucy Dodd, past student

Come out to this evening talk and learn how the principles and techniques of food forestry can be adapted to meet the goals you have for your lifestyle and land! We would love to see you out for this presentation and help you get excited about the world-changing practice of food forestry.


Adrian Buckley, Lindsay Meads & Luke Kimmel


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