Residential Edible Landscape – Montgomery Project

About this project

In this full property design and installation, we were working with a challenging property with a triangle shape, a unique house orientation that captures passive solar energy, and a steep slope in the rear and side yard areas. Responding to these challenges resulted in a beautiful and functional design that takes advantage of the site properties. Rainwater flows from the downspouts through dry creekbeds to cascading mulch basins that weave through the yard and form interesting pockets of food forests intertwined with flagstone and crushed rundle pathways. A trellis for growing hops extends along the main pathway that leads to the patio area and eventually to the secret corner reading nook. All of the elements work together to form a cohesive space that can be enjoyed by the homeowners and their friends and family.

Date:  December 31, 2015
Tags:  2015, Edible Landscape, Food Forest, Perennial Ecosystem, Rainwater Harvesting, Residential

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