Forest Lawn Natural Park

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The Forest Lawn Natural Park is a playground redevelopment of a city-owned greenspace and playground on at 10 Avenue and 43 Street SE in the community of Forest Lawn. This project is lead by the Parks Foundation Calgary in partnership with Anytx Community Arts and the City of Calgary. We designed a 3,700 square foot food forest as part of this project. Installation was completed in fall of 2015 with the help of community and corporate volunteers. The public food forest will produce a local and perennial food source for the community, capture rainwater for plants and reduce stormwater runoff, offer a beautiful place to explore and spend time in the park, improve the health of the soil and provide protection from the sun and wind.

The food forest has over 34 trees and shrubs and over 120 berbaceous perennials. The trees and shrubs include pear, apple, plum, amur maple, raspberry, nanking cherry, saskatoon, honeyberry, currant, gooseberry and several varieties of sweet and sour cherry. The herbaceous perennials include bergemot, mint, chives, creeping thyme, creeping jenny, golden beans, nodding onion, goldenrod, yarrow, lupine, and many more!

Date:  January 5, 2016
Tags:  Food Forest, Perennial Ecosystem

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  1. Jodi

    I was wondering if you are in need of volunteers to help take care of the garden ie. weeding, pruning etc.

    Thank you for your time.

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