King George Elementary School

About this project

This educational food forest was designed and built in 2015. We engaged with the students and faculty of the school to design a an edible food forest that functions as a living classroom. Through an ecosystem game that we designed, students were taught about the elements of an ecosystem, including humans, and how they work together. Student brainstormed ideas for the food forest and those ideas were directly used in our design. Then the students, faculty and parents participated in the installation of the project. This resulted in a connection to the space where students act as stewards of the food forest while they actively play and enjoy this outdoor area.

There are over 20 different species of trees and shrubs in the 2,700 square foot food forest, including larch, crabapple, plum, chokecherry, saskatoon, honeyberry, dogwood, wolf willow, pussy willow, currant and several varieties of sweet and sour cherry. A cover crop of buckwheat and hairy vetch was planted in 2015 to build the soil and manage unwanted weeds.

Date:  December 31, 2015
Tags:  Community, Edible Landscape, Food Forest, Perennial Ecosystem, Schoolyard Naturalization
Client:  King George Elementary School
Project URL:  Design Plans

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