Tuscany School

About this project

This schoolyard naturalization project aims to create an interactive space demonstrating many aspects of a natural ecosystem, while incorporating student learning opportunities connected to the curriculum at all grade levels within the school, encouraging the students to engage in creative play activities throughout the space, and reducing long-term maintenance costs through design features. The overall project area is divided into three separate Naturalization Zones A, B, and C. Each zone features a selection of primarily native and edible plant species, dedicated pathways of sandstone boulders to facilitate student learning and play activities, and water-harvesting systems that will capture and infiltrate overland water flow and provide passive irrigation for the plantings.
The project began in 2016 with design and stakeholder engagement. First phase implemented in 2017, second phase in 2018, still one more phase to go.

Date:  November 29, 2018
Tags:  Schoolyard Naturalization

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